Helping St. Johns County Homeless Families
Become Self Sufficient

Homeless Families St. Johns County

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty & Homelessness with Children

Homeless Families St. Johns County

Building Skills that Help Give Homeless Families a Positive Future

Homeless Families St. Johns County

Providing Safe Housing for Homeless Children and Their Parents

ESHC provides innovative programs to assist the most chronic homeless families with children in Florida’s St. Johns County to get off the street and on the road to self-sufficiency.

What is Transitional Housing?

Transitional Housing is the completion of a process that guides homeless people into permanent housing. The program requires the clients to seek job training, employment, continuing education, assessment counseling and permanent housing.

Almost without exception, when the clients leave the program, they are moving into their own apartments.

“ESHC is not a handout. It’s a hand up. We help homeless families who want to help themselves”

Our Mission

The mission of ESHC of St. Johns County, Inc. is to truly make a difference in the lives of homeless children & their families by providing the opportunity for them to remain intact, stabilize their lives, save towards affordable permanent housing and break the cycle of homelessness.